“If the US and its vassals don’t make the right choice, we will inflict on them a blow!” – enemy of civilization, Kim Jong-UN ordered to prepare for a new nuclear test

North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN stated that his government with a powerful military capability, will conduct a new nuclear test as long as the US and other actors of international politics will not stop preventing the criminal activities of the DPRK.

It is reported ZN.UA.

Kim Jong-UN
after launch on may 14 noted that the DPRK needs to create a more accurate and
diversified nuclear device and continue the testing of nuclear weapons.
Such tests will continue as long as US and international players
don’t stop pressure upon the DPRK.

He also stressed that North Korea
is a strong nuclear power, which is able to attack the United States.

Recall that the latest rocket test
DPRK to shiver frightened Russia: North Korean rocket, which flew 700 meters, fell 90 km from
the territorial waters of the Russian Federation.