The end of “brotherly love”! China is preparing to pour billions of dollars into the economy of Belarus and wants to move in the market of Russia

The head of the Corporation “CITIC Group” noted that in Belarus for his company created a very good business climate.

The Chinese Corporation “CITIC Group” is investing around half a billion dollars in new projects in Belarus, reports “Dialog. UA” with reference to nabata.

The Deputy Chairman of the Board, the President of the Corporation “CITIC Group” van csun after negotiations representatives of the company with President Alexander Lukashenko said reached agreements on creation in Belarus the production of special robots.

In addition, the Chinese side starts implementing projects in agriculture, agricultural and petrochemical industries.

In turn,the Minister of agriculture and food of Belarus Leonid Zayats reported that Chinese businessmen intend to invest in food production in the country another $1.2 billion.

“The Ministry has concluded with one of the largest companies of China’s intention to invest about $1 billion of investment in the economy of our country. Interested in Chinese it products manufactured by our state. They want in the framework of import substitution to obtain it from the territory, which believe,” – said Leonid Zayats.

It is also reported that another Chinese Corporation expressed the desire to invest in the construction of complexes for the production of milk in the Vitebsk region. The amount of the project is estimated at more than $200 million.

“The Chinese themselves have expressed a desire to invest,” – said Leonid Hare, adding that the food of Belarus is in great demand in China, his love for the high quality and naturalness.

We will remind, until recently on the Belarusian market dominated by the Russian Federation. Recently, however, relations between Russia and Belarus there is a significant cooling. Moscow is accelerating and exacerbating this crisis, constantly introducing in relation to the Belarusian side, the various restrictive measures.

As previously reported, the notorious Kremlin channel “NTV”dirty laughed at the Belarusian humanitarian aid, which Minsk had sent to residents of war-torn Donbas.