For the victory in LE the Manchester United players will receive 51 million euros

The official prize for winning the Europa League for the Manchester United players will make 1 million pounds for all participants of the tournament, but it’s nothing compared to how much the club will be enriched if you beat Ajax in Stockholm.

The fact that in contrast to other Premier League teams, the Red Devils do not practice the bonuses as such. However, in the case of solving the problem for the season, players receive a 25 percent premium in salary for next season, but if the goal is not achieved, then the salary is reduced by the same 25 percent.

If the calculation based on the size of salaries of players participating in the Europa League, win a trophy and vouchers to the Champions League (just pass in the main tournament of the continent is stipulated in the objectives to the team for the season) will cost the guide Manchester United to 38 million pounds (51 million euros), a record bonus for a single match in the history of world football.