The President of South Korea called for dialogue with the DPRK

TOKYO, may 14 — RIA Novosti, Xenia Naka. The President of South Korea, moon Jae-In said in response to another missile launch of the DPRK that dialogue with that country is possible only in the case that Pyongyang will change its position, reported Yonhap news Agency.

“Even if dialogue is possible, we need to show North Korea that it is possible, only if she changed her position,” the President said.

Moon Jae-In, who became President in elections on may 9, earlier talked about the need for dialogue with North Korea. Conducted by the DPRK on Sunday start was the first since his election to the presidency.

At 5:28 on Sunday (23:28 GMT) North Korea fired the rocket from its West coast of County cuson province’s Do. The rocket flew 30 minutes, range was 800 kilometers. She fell into the Japan sea, 400 kilometers East of the Korean Peninsula, presumably outside the economic zone of Japan. The altitude, according to the Japanese government, amounted to more than 2000 kilometers.

The launch was made tajectory, deliberately under a large angle to increase the height, thus reducing the distance from the point of launch to point of impact. If when you start the rocket was set to the usual path, the flight distance would exceed 4000 km. The Japanese military analyze the type of missiles. At the same time, the government of Japan reported that information on the damage caused by the Japanese sea and air vessels, have been reported. In a statement, the US administration said that the missile fell near the borders of the United States, “closer to Russia than to Japan.”

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