“Such a prospect is most likely,” – former British Prime Minister Tony Blair called the key threat of Brexit, which may affect the loss of one of the subjects of the Kingdom

The former head of the British government Tony Blair said that Brexit may lead to the withdrawal of Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom. From his point of view, the prospect of this outcome becomes more likely.

About it reports “RBC-Ukraine”.

Blair claims that he does
doesn’t want to escalate the situation, however, the likely withdrawal of Northern Ireland from
the UK is rather estimated by the fact that the referendum, which
took place in June last year, while views on Brexit among representatives
London and Belfast vary greatly.

In that case, if possible the most
severoirlandtsev will stand for the reunification of the island, Britain, in accordance with
the 1998 agreement, will be obliged to convene a referendum on the issue.

Earlier, the head of the European Council Donald
Tusk said that the issue of Brexit
may not be considered if the parties fail to comply with certain conditions.