“A direct hit in the yard. Four people were killed. People just shot”, – tsapliyenko on the terrible tragedy in Avdeevka

Ukrainian military journalist Andrew Tsaplienko in Facebook wrote that the militants dead yesterday, may 13 residents of Avdiivka, just shot.

Tsaplienko said that takeaccount happened
before the final stage of “Eurovision” in Kiev, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Competition, as you know, Russia gave up on its territory
broadcast. It was such a gesture of protest against what is selected in
unilateral Julia Samoylova got to “black lists”, and
a visit to annexed Crimea, she was denied entry to Ukraine.

“A direct hit in the yard, which is three kilometres from
advanced. Four men killed by the enemy in the town. Before the finale
“Eurovision”. This is not an accident,” said Andrei Tsaplienko.

Recall that the Network was shown some footage from the scene
terrible fire, which killed three women and one man.Orphans in the moment become 2 little girls.