The sellers of vodka in a panic: the Ukrainians found a replacement hard alcohol?

The people of Ukraine have become increasingly rare to buy alcohol, which is sold on the shelves of shops and supermarkets.

Sellers alcoholic beverages Department stores and supermarkets argue that raising the minimum price of strong alcohol decreased its sales, transfers “Диалог.UA”.

According to the expert Igor Tovkach, historically, in the summer season the sale of spirits is reduced. After all, the holidays are over, because buying a large quantity of booze people unnecessarily.

Igor Tovkach said that the price increase will affect the implementation in our country legal, excise alcohol. For example, poor people will buy less, and those who have wealth and can afford an expensive bottle of foreign luxury brandy or other strong drink – and will continue to buy it.

The expert added that with the advent of heat when people will massively go on vacation in the woods, “nature”, it is likely that the sale of alcoholic beverages will increase, although to do definitive conclusions while early.

Tovkach divided the people who come to the store for purchases of alcoholic beverages into two categories: those who drink moderately and those who drink alcohol in large quantities. The latter is more contingent sellers of the black market.

Also the unstable situation in the beer market. Although a big threat in this yet.

Olga Ivushkina, General Manager of the company Eastern Beverage Trading, expressed the view that the growth in the minimum retail price does not win neither the buyer nor the manufacturer, nor the seller. But vodka, which is made according to all standards and payment of all taxes, cost less than the state minimum is not a priori.

As reported”Диалог.UA” the country will especially punish the soldiers of the Ukrainian army, which was seen for use of alcohol or after drinking. The Central government raised majestrate that a person who abuses strong drink while on duty, understand the responsibility for their actions.