The Deputy of Irpin made in the Declaration of 586 apartments. This is an absolute record in Ukraine!

Thrifty people’s Deputy of Irpin, Kiev region, Igor Overko, owns 186 apartments. Even at 400 units it managed to sell last year

Overko Igor,
the Deputy of city Council, apparently, loves his city. So that
ready to buy every square meter of living space, reports
“Dialogue UA”.

Information about
irpenska the lover of real estate has issued a public movement “Honestly”
with reference to the electronic Declaration OverkoOverko however, he later clarified that declared not 186 apartments,
… 191.

He claims
that dear to the heart of the square meters registered in his name with the ultimate
the purpose of selling in the framework of current Ukrainian legislation, and vows
that pay all taxes owed, to the penny, the beloved country.

calculated: the total area of the real estate Deputy is greater than the size of SK
“Olympic”. In addition to apartments he owned there are 4 houses
and 18 land. There
the unfinished building, the area of which remains unknown.

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