Terrible tragedy in Odessa: a woman died after plastic surgery

In one of the private clinics of the city of Odessa after plastic surgery died a young woman.

Irina Magliana came to a private clinic “Mozart” to do rhinoplasty.The 21-year-old girl was born with pathology – “rabbit
lip” and “cleft palate”. Irina wanted to correct this defect in their appearance, and it
was supposed to be the final operation. The woman suffered
surgery at the Institute of dentistry.

During the operation, the “Mozart” Irina rose
temperature up to 40 degrees. It urgently in a state of clinical death took
in another hospital where the girl died.

According to
Deputy chief physician on medical work of the Medical home Odrex
Tatiana Fedorchenko, for the life of the girls fought more than six hours, but to save her
so failed.

Cause of death was a reaction to the anesthesia. Other
words, malignant hyperthermia,
that is a genetic disease, based
which is a violation of metabolic processes in muscle tissue. As a result
the person applying the anesthesia begins
often the heart beat, shortness of breath, greatly increased body temperature. If
do not start timely treatment, the person may die.

On this fact police work. Militiamen dug
criminal case on signs of article 140 of the criminal code “Improper performance
of professional duties by a medical worker”.

The staff of the “Mozart” of what happened do not comment. Not
give official statements and the relatives of the deceased girl.

Was exooba “Dialogic” earlier, unsuccessful plastic surgery has become
famous Hollywood actress Renee Zellweger. After the intervention in its
the appearance of the hands of a plastic surgeon changed her face beyond recognition.