So there was no panic, the United States will bring down the price of Russian oil to a minimum

The United States has already to the next one, in 2018, the year will break the record of daily oil production, which was established by the American oil producers. Thus, the cost of the most important economic resource of a serious collapse.

Provided that the oil price will not fall below 50 dollars, the Americans are going to the future year to increase an average daily production of black gold to 10 million barrels/day. This year, according to the International energy Agency, the production rate reached 9.3 million bbl/d. This is with reference to the Russian media reports “Диалог.UA”.

Note, in the 1970’s in USA was a record of oil production: a day on the surface of the raised 9.6 million barrels of black gold. If the Americans manage to beat his record, the rise in oil prices in the next couple of years will significantly slow down, experts say, as will be more offers.

Experts from the International energy Agency believe that the proposals will significantly prevail over the demand, therefore the price will fall, not rise.

Earlier, we already talked about citizeny of oil in Russia began to plummet. Now a new catastrophic collapse in the value of black gold mined in Russia. After the fall in oil prices recoverable cost dollars and euros in Russia.