Occupants in Crimea for “cutting” the budget will go for construction of the route to the Kerch bridge evicted from their homes, the local population

“Goblin” Aksyonov, a protege of Moscow in the occupied Peninsula, blatantly lying that will talk to each of the two thousand (!) owners of houses and land and will personally convince them to give up their property, the loss of which certainly promises to compensate.

Alarming news is coming from the annexed Crimea. In connection with strojmateriali track “Tavrida” in a direction of the Kerch bridge the so-called “head” of the Peninsula Sergey Aksenov is going to deprive local inhabitants of the house and land, according to “Диалог.UA”.

It is worth noting that the Russian invaders are very much confused in the testimony. So, “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksenov reported that in the area of road construction shall be the resettlement of 23 households, located in the Quiet village of Simferopol district.

At the same time,”transport Minister” of the occupied poluostrovnaya Volkov said thatin the construction zone authorities seized about 2 thousand (!) land.

Why is it so different figures, is unknown. Perhaps Aksenov, so as not to irritate the Crimean people, specifically cited only the number of housing of one village, whose inhabitants will soon have to drive out. On the basis of the figures”2000″, which brought him a slave, you can guess that the number of local residents, which the occupation authorities wanted to deprive of the property, many times more.

“People receive compensation, but still for people of any relocation is stressful. People are going to meet, understand the importance of building and that their state will not disappoint. I every owner will personally communicate. Now under evaluation and sites, and houses, no one will be offended” – said Aksenov, although to imagine that it will communicate with every owner is to believe in space pirates.

He also said that threats to ecology of the Crimean Peninsula with the construction of the highway “Tavrida” supposedly no, zemelnye areas, which will trail, agreed with the local administrations.

It should be noted that in the Belogorsk region of Crimea today was laid a memorial stone, symbolizing the start of construction of Federal highway “Tavrida”. With this route length of nearly 280 km, the occupation authorities are planning to link the city of Kerch, Simferopol and Sevastopol, the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait and the mainland of the Russian Federation.

The construction of the highway is a great opportunity for Aksyonov and his accomplices”to saw” the budget money and stole more than”Goblin” was stealing before.

Recall,seizure of property Aksenov on annexed the Peninsula out from under the Kremlin’s control.

As previously reported,the inhabitants of the Crimea criticized the “Goblin” Aksyonov for the lie about the “best” of life on the Peninsula in comparison with Ukraine.