In Ukraine can refuse to broadcast the 2018 world Cup

In Ukraine may refuse to broadcast the world Cup, which will be held next year in Russia.

About it in interview to the edition “Telekritika” said the head of the “National public television company of Ukraine” Zurab Alasania, reports “Диалог.UA”.

According to Alasania, the issue of broadcasting he’s going to focus on our country. Even if the Ukrainian team will host the qualifying games and get to the 2018 world Cup, he is willing to risk his resignation and refuse to show football competitions.

In addition, Alasania said that he had communicated with major football hierarchy, who oppose the Ukrainian national team was selected and has qualified for the world Cup.

Note, the 2018 world Cup to be held in June next year in Russia. However, because of the aggressive policy of the Kremlin the most important football event may not take place.

Earlier, we were told that the organizers of the world Cup 2018не can find the required number of sponsors for the preparation and conduct of the main football competitions.

From FIFA to tributestory the Russian Federation the right to host the world Cup next year.