Emmanuel macron will be hard to take revenge on Moscow to help Ukraine

So says the Russian opposition Konstantin Borovoy. He did not rule out that France could provide Ukraine with lethal weapons and other military support.

His vision
the development of further developments between the three
countries Russian opposition leader revealed in an interview with indeniablement.

Borovoy sure
that the new French President can “create a dangerous situation”
Russia in Europe. He called Him an ambitious young politician who, in contrast to
from known and predictable leaders, important is the end result of their actions.
Relations between Russia and France will become more pragmatic and radical that
may entail a new wave of sanctions. If the initiator of such
austerity measures were, as a rule, the United States, now the “oil in
fire” _ the new French leadership.

“The mood is very radical. That there is one
the announcement of the Makron that he was going to take revenge on Putin for
cyberattacks. This is very serious. This statement in some cases
be regarded as a Declaration of war,” – said Borovoy

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