A suitable candidate for the post of Director of the Museum-monument “St. Isaac’s Cathedral” has not yet found the power

Saint-Petersburg. May 10. INTERFAX – the Candidacy for the post of Director of the State Museum-monument St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg after the resignation of Nikolay Burov has not yet been determined, said the head of the Committee for culture of the city Konstantin Sukhenko.

“The decision has been made. The question under discussion,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

This K. Sukhenko did not report, does the Committee for culture of any candidate to the post of Director of the GMF St Isaac’s Cathedral. He also refused to comment on the possible appointment for the position of Director of the State Museum of history Alexander Kalyakin, as well as a possible merger of the two museums.

According to K. Sukhenko, the decision about the new Director will be made directly by the leadership of St. Petersburg.

As reported, the Director of the state Museum-monument “St. Isaac’s Cathedral” N.The Boers on June 1 will leave his post. He had previously made his departure from the Museum on the background of the situation with the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral Church.

“The opponents have a goal to get me out of circulation. From circulation I will, I’m not a boy. The methods they use, the arguments they cite, sometimes funny, sometimes unfair. (…) I guess, for 45 years of his professional life, people’s artist of Russia, Professor of the two institutions, the author of five monographs and concert artist could collect some money to save for old age”, he said.

N. Boers – Russian actor, people’s artist of the Russian Federation. From 1978 to 2005 played in the Alexandrinsky theatre, and later headed the Committee for culture of St. Petersburg. Since 2008 – Director of the GMF St Isaac’s Cathedral.