The military has posted a video of the “battle” Ukrainian T-64Ð’Ðœ the American “Abrams” in the German landfill

Yesterday, may 8, on the ground “Grafenwirt” in Germany, the Ukrainian crew on the T-64Ð’Ðœ went on a “battlefield” against American “Abrams”.

As noted in the staff armed forces of Ukraine, four Ukrainian crew got the most spectacular and the most difficult stage of the competition – shooting platoon in the attack. According to the military, the complexity of this stage is that the Ukrainian tankers could not hold a single test run on the firing line, reports “Диалог.UA”.

The jury evaluated the competition according to two main criteria: the accuracy of fire and tactical action of tank crews. By both measures, our tanks have shown good results, but the final result of the battle the judges will announce only at the end of the competition. Until that time, the results will be kept secret.