The beginning of the bankruptcy of Odessa portside plant: court of Stockholm put an end to the case of a multi-million dollar debt

The court of appeal confirmed the decision of the Stockholm arbitration on the debt of the Odessa port plant before the company Ostchem Dmitry Firtash. The decision may lead the city-forming enterprise to bankruptcy.

Acting Chairman of the state property Fund Dmitry
Parfenenko said that in July 2016 the arbitration court in Stockholm
the chamber of Commerce has recognized the requirements of the company Ostchem, obliging the SCR
to pay the debt in the amount of 193 million dollars, and interest and penalty reports “Диалог.UA”.

In early March Ostchem through the court demanded to carry
this decision and start paying money. In turn, those who disagree with this
the solution to IPF and SPF have filed an appeal.

“In fact, this decision opened the way to bankruptcy
the most important city-forming enterprise – HMO,” said Parfenenko.

Officials are already preparing the appeal and want to do the suspension
the execution of the decision on the payment of a huge debt.

According to Parfenenko, the state property Fund there are several technological
moves that will allow you to avoid bankruptcy of the SCR.

Note that the last five years, the company Firtash was the only
supplier of gas to the plant, and other companies, olahraga March 2013 –
monopoly buyers of products of the plant.

The debt was incurred in the contract with Ostchem gas supply from
20 Jan 2013. Then “Gazprom”
lowered the price of gas to Ostchem from 430 to 265 USD per thousand cubic meters, but the SCR
bought fuel at the same price.