The excitement at the election of the President of France: overseas Islands have already voted, the French lined up in a queue for several kilometres before the opening of polling stations

Compared to the first round, the activity on the overseas Islands has grown considerably, but the information about how the vote of the inhabitants of these territories, will announce only after the General counting of votes at all polling stations.

The most active voting marked defranceschi of Guinee Antilles, reports “Dialog . UA”.

Voted by French voters from North
and South America.

It is reported that in spite of the terrible downpour in Montreal, people
lined up in the queue for a few hours before the opening.

It was lively and on sites in new York, is now here
is the vote count, then the data will transfer to Paris.

Note that according to the results of a poll Ifop-Fiducial,
the Makron is ready to vote, 63% of voters, whereas for marine Le Pen
only 37%.

Earlier opublikovannye factio two candidates of the second
round of the presidential elections in France.

It was also reported about the devastating speech of the Macron debate with Le
Pen, where he ansdell important statement in the Donbass.