The Russian security services in Crimea are engaged in kidnapping: punishers from the FSB was beaten up and kidnapped the son of the leader of the Mejlis of Sudak

Despite the decision of the court of justice, the Russian security forces not only do not recover the Majlis, but actively jamming its members.

Monday, may 8, punitive asiscoalumni Crimean authorities during a search in the house of the head of the Mejlis of Sudak Elvera ametova beat his son and took him away in an unknown direction, informs”Dialogue
UA” with reference to”Crimea.Realities”.

A search in the house ametova in Sudak began at 7:30 and lasted an hour and a half. It held about a dozen employees of the Russian FSB in masks and with weapons. Thus the reason for the search was… an anonymous letter about the illegal trafficking of weapons and drugs, and alleged involvement in ametova.

“My house is an ethnographic Museum and a lot of weapons, ranging from the middle ages to this day. In the Museum they raided all messed up. The older son was beaten, handcuffed and taken away where I don’t know, said I’ll call you tonight,” – said Ametov.

It later emerged that the son of the head of the Mejlis was taken to Simferopol.

It is known that this is not the first search in the house of ametova: earlier, the Russian punitive service came to him with a search warrant in 2015.

We will remind,the Court of justice in the Hague ordered the Russian authorities to restore the Crimean Tatar Mejlis in the Crimea and education in the Ukrainian language.

In turn,the Russian side the decision of the international court of justice ignored.