Russian army new problems in Syria: a truck with missiles for s-400 crashed into a building on the side of the road. Traffic is completely blocked

The Russian military, carrying missiles for air defense systems s-400, had an accident in Syria. The blogger reports about it from the village of Tartus, where the accident occurred.

It became known that the transport vehicle 5Т58-2 military space
forces of the Russian Federation, deployed at a military base in Tartus, was carrying missiles,
however, unexpectedly crashed into one of the roadside buildings.

However, local residents report that Russian officers
the commander of the convoy, sitting on the side of the road, stopping the movement of the column.Media reported that the collision is
the victims, however, the detonation of ammunition did not happen.

In the Network published photos of the tractor,
which Russia uses to move rockets.

Earlier, Tillerson said on
the need to continue
sanctions against Russia – sagestone chemical attack