Malaga dealt with Celta

In reporting the match was a meeting between two teams from the middle of the table. The confrontation did not carry any weight in the tournament. To start this fight was just a test doubles that got the chance due to the semi-final second leg game in the Europa League next week. Malaga also scored a good move, could just enjoy the football in front of their fans.

The opening match was completely in favour of Mitchell, Celta only episodically appeared in sight Kameni. The first worthwhile moment of the match came from Ramirez when Sandro in the penalty area skipped past the opponent and hit in the opposite direction to Alvarez but the goalkeeper managed to raise his hand and to reflect the impact.

Midway through the first half Celta woke up and was very active in attack, but the score was opened in Malaga. Ontiveros after individual passes with his left foot shot from outside the box from Alvarez never had a chance. Young midfielder hosts all match created problems for the opponents, visibly standing out against teammates.

The Celts had the initiative, but to convert it in a dangerous moment could not. The team of Mitchell, in turn, hid and waited for opportunities to counterattack, but also a shot of Ramirez from outside the box, who confidently retorted the guardian of the gates of the enemy, in the first half of the game, nothing more I remember. The teams went to rest at the minimum advantage of Malaga.

Beginning the second half better came from Celta. Team, Berizzo was even able to restore parity, but after hitting Diaz’s free-kick frame rescued Kameni. And after a few minutes the Anchovies doubled the advantage Sandro earned a penalty, and Recio confidently converted the penalty. The question about the winner was removed, but Celta still tried to show a decent game. This is not surprising because almost everyone who this evening introduced the guests on the lawn of La Rosaleda, were players of the stock and, of course, wanted to prove to the coach their competitiveness.

The pace of the ending of the match fell due to substitutions and small skirmishes. One of the highlights of the conversation Recio and Berizzo ended with a little scuffle, but the referee quickly calmed groups. The best moment was salty in the 90th minute of the match when Kameni parried the ball Borondy from the penalty area. It seemed that the match would end, but Ramirez was against it. Sandro didn’t want to leave without scoring a goal. The solution to this problem was helped by partners in several passes opened the defense salty, and Ramirez only had to get into an empty net. As a result, Malaga confident of triumphed and bypasses the table of the Celts. Team, Berizzo already all thoughts are in Manchester.

Malaga – Celta Vigo 3:0

Goals: Ontiveros, 26, Recio, 56 (penalty), Ramires 90+1

Malaga: Kameni — Torres, Hernandez, Llorente, Ricca — Recio, Camacho — Ontiveros (Kyoko, 85), Formals (Castro, 89), Khoni (Carlos, 74) — Ramirez

Celta: Alvarez, Lemos, Cabral (Roncaglia, 59), Gómez, Planas — Sheikh, Diaz — Seine (Hjulsager, 71), Jozabed (Guidetti, 82), Boronda — Bovy

Warning: Recio Lemos, Jozabad, Guidetti (not on field), Sheikh