Deserved punishment for a traitor of Ukraine: near annexed Crimea, the SBU detained the deserter who escaped to the Russian army

A deserter and a traitor of Ukraine, which in 2014 moved to the side of the enemy, was detained by the staff of the Main Department of security service of Ukraine in Crimea to the administrative border with annexed Peninsula.

The press service of the SBU informs about the successful arrest of the former member of the Armed forces of Ukraine, which in 2014 moved to the side of Russia.

“The operatives of the intelligence agencies have established that an attacker illegally entered the territory of Ukraine to relatives, and detained him at the checkpoint “Chongar”, when he tried to return to Crimea. Deserter transferred to the military Prosecutor’s office”, – told in SBU.

The police explained that the man was in the all-Ukrainian wanted list for committing a criminal offence on the grounds of article 408 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Recall,peremetnuvshiysya the side of the Russian Federation is a traitor of Ukraine has been on holiday in the Crimea: Colonel Saenko parade on 9 may.