“Pro” trump during his first trip abroad to Russia refused to go

The American leader has already decided to schedule his first trip abroad – in the list of countries he wants to visit, Russia is definitely not.

The US President Donald trump on his first foreign tour in the status of the President will visit Europe and the middle East, by visiting three States, according to “Russian conversation”.

At first he will visit Saudi Arabia, after which will be visited in Israel. Will complete my overseas trip trump vstrechayu, Vaticanes the Pope.

In addition, during his overseas tour, U.S. President will visit some important event, such as the NATO summit in the Belgian capital and a meeting of leaders “the Big seven” which will be held in Italy.

As for the Russian Federation, despite their campaign rhetoric, after which the trump is considered Pro-Russian, the us President will not go there.

We will remind, recently hosted razgovorami Putin and Donald trump, but it ended in failure for the “most polite” of the President.