No shame, no remorse: aviation of Assad and Putin launched air strikes on 9 field hospitals in Idlib and the Eastern Guta

In April, the aviation of Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin struck 9 field hospitals in Eastern ghouta and Idlib. Hospitals are on the territory, which is controlled by the Syrian opposition.

The news Agency “Anadolu” all strikes recorded on field hospitals.

On 2 April the Russian air force struck a hospital in Idlib. The building itself was completely destroyed, and injured 10 people.

4 APR airstrike struck aviation of Assad on the hospital, “mercy”, which was delivered to 100 people, victims himataki in Idlib. April 16, Assad aircraft repeated the attack on the hospital, which only was restored.

April 7-8 was destroyed hospital in the area Khim (Idlib). Killed about 10 people.

17 APR bombed hospital Ikhlas in the village of Shehan and the hospital, “Erbin” in Eastern ghouta.

April 22 was destroyed even an underground hospital in the village of Abdin. Under the rubble killed four people.

April 25, serious damage was caused to the hospital in the area Kaefer Takharim in Idlib. And the most serious airstrike occurred on April 27 when it was destroyed by the hospital in Deir Sharqi in Idlib. Three people died and eight were injured.

Earlier “Диалог.UA” reported,Tsymbalyuk no doubt that once Putin will abandon Assad, his head will roll. And Syria is constantly podpisaniem attention of the United States.