A victim of a pedophile from Russia in the Ukrainian Kramatorsk was 8-year-old girl

Yesterday, may 5, addressed to militiamen parents 8-the summer inhabitant of Kramatorsk. In the police Department they reported their child had committed indecent assault.

As it turned out, the evening the child was walking on the street with his grandmother and younger brother. The girl decided to go home alone and on the street near his house he met the neighbor. He promised to buy her sweets and toys. This was reported on the official website of Donetsk allpolicies in Facebook, reports “Диалог.UA”.

The girl agreed to offer 51-year-old neighbor and went with him to the store. As promised, he bought her candy and cars, and then brought the child to his home, where he committed indecent assault. The girl was frightened, but ran away from the rapist and later told adults.

The police said that a pedophile is a citizen of Russia, and annually comes to rest in the house, which he inherited from his mother. The man confessed to the crime.

At present concerning it criminal case under article for corruption of minors.

Earlier we told you that Kawamura raped his own daughter. And the Director of the Moscow puppet was theatresource indecent assault against the girl, eight years old.