The level of threat from Russia is determined by the level of extremist and terrorist groups – Pentagon

The SOCOM has identified the level of threat from Russia as one of the most high, putting it on a par with extremist and terrorist groups.

This was stated on Tuesday, 2
may, during the hearings in Congress in charge of the special Command
operations of the U.S. General Raymond Thomas, reports “Диалог.UA”.

The General said that
The Pentagon remains the highest priority the solution to threats from militant
extremist organizations, as well as the support of the European
the command of the United States in countering Russian aggression in Europe.

The commander also reminded
present to Congress a statement of the Secretary of defense, in which
it was noted that Russia wants at least to control the actions of neighboring countries with
their economy, diplomacy and security.

The General also said that the United States
working to build capacity in Eastern and Northern Europe for the repulse of the Russian Federation in the framework of reference it unconventional warfare.

As previously reported”Диалог.UA”,
former US Ambassador in Russia appealed to Ukrainians after Putin’s words about Ukraine
a meeting with Merkel.