In Russia will be published a fantastic satire about neo-paganism

Moscow. May 4. INTERFAX – a Collection of short stories in the genre of social fiction “Rodnoverie”, dedicated to satirical understanding of the phenomenon of neo-paganism, forthcoming in Moscow, told reporters the project coordinator Roman Silantyev.

“The phenomenon of neo-paganism is of interest not only for ethnologists, religious studies, or cultural studies. Rich ground for creativity it can find the authors of works of art, especially those who specializiruetsya on satire, as such a concentration of absurdity is not even in the most marginal occult”, – said Silantyev.

He also pointed out that, through neo-paganism, not only Slavic, “fiction intrudes into reality, which is completely fictional religious cults now receive official recognition and budget financing”.

“Rodnoverie” will be in the format previously published “Ruthless tolerance”, “the Liberal Apocalypse” and “” and its editor was the famous science fiction writer Sergey Chekmaev.

The publication of the collection assumed by the world Russian people’s Council and the charitable Foundation “Christian book” with the support of the international open grant contest “Orthodox initiative”.