Beaten to death, and the corpse thrown into the street: the terrorists in the occupied Lugansk brutally murdered stolen from KPVV “Stanitsa Lugansk” 38-year-old Ukrainian

Are unlikely to be able to figure out why the invaders had first taken for a “conversation” resident of the Village Lugansk, and then threw his corpse into the street “capital” “LC”. But the fact remains that the 38-year-old man after a meeting with incorrigible villains died from a terrible multiple injuries.

A statement of propage son to law enforcement, according to the Department
communications police Luganskholod, asked his father, informs
“Dialog. UA”.

38-year-old man as earnings helped the people who
cross KPVV “Stanitsa Lugansk”, controlled by Ukraine
roadblock to carry bags to the first checkpoint in Luhansk

27 APR man his family saw and heard last time.

The family started independent searches of the close person, but my conversations with those who are on
KPVV and helps with the transfer of the bags, nor to no avail.
The elder brother of the deceased in social networks a few days later I came across an ad
that Lomanosova street occupied Lugansk on April 27 found dead
unknown men.

“The description of the deceased and his family learned things missing,” he told police.

The father of murdered terrible passed the procedure of identification of his son in the Luhansk morgue, after
that we were taken to the Village has been brutally killed a man for the funeral.

In the morgue, “LC” man was given a certificate that the death of his son
came from “multiple blunt force trauma to the head, trunk and limbs, and
also fracture bones and damage internal organs.”

According to police Lugansk region, an investigation was carried out during
which revealed that the terrorists April 27, detained the man and took him to
the commandant of Lugansk to
“explanatory conversations”.After the man died, his body occupants threw
just on the street.

Stanichno-the Lugansk Department of the police opened criminal proceedings under art.
115 of UK of Ukraine.

As previously reported, the Internet shook the frames of a powerful car bomb with the OSCE observers in the controlled by militants of the “LPR” territory,
killing an American citizen.