Preferential loans for small and medium business: Ukraine will receive $150 million from the world Bank on the development of private enterprises

The press service of the world Bank informs about financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $ 150 million to support small and medium-sized businesses.

World Bank Director in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova satu Kähkönen announced that Ukraine получит150 million dollars to support small and medium-sized businesses, export-oriented.

“Ukraine has a creative and unique business potential and can produce high-quality competitive products”, she said.

According to Kähkönen, the biggest obstacle for the realization of economic potential of Ukraine is a complex business access to loans.

It is noted that the world Bank funds will be allocated by state “Ukreksimbank” in the form of sub-credits fully of other Ukrainian banks. And they’ll be able to concessional lending to small and medium enterprises.

Recall that Ukraine can get another multi-billion dollar tranche from the IMF, the Fund announced key details of the transaction.