Eriksen: My goal has demonstrated that we are still in the title race

In the last round of the championship of England the Spurs barely beat out crystal Palace (1:0). The only goal scored midfielder Christian Eriksen, who landed hard from a distance and managed to snatch his team the victory.

According to the hero of the match, his team still have a chance to win the Premier League because Tottenham will fight to the end.

“It was an important goal,’ said the Dane. — He demonstrated that we are still in the title race”.

“We need to focus on yourself, and, of course, Chelsea also need a few times to lose the points. In the match against crystal Palace we took his chance and continued to fight for the championship”.

“This result gives us confidence for the next five games. We need to continue in the same spirit, and to concentrate on our own game. In the end, let’s see how this will end,” — says Eriksen.

At the moment Tottenham is lagging behind the leaders in the Premier League Chelsea 4 points.