Detained in Latvia mercenary shocking confessions about killing people in Lugansk and Donetsk: published figures shot by a terrorist people

First, the detainee claimed that in the Donbass has been exclusively humanitarian activities. But then in the course of investigation it turned out that Artem Skrypnyk was not just a member of the illegal armed groups “DNR/LNR”, and personally killed people. The gunman confessed that the weapons and equipment received in Russia before shipment to the occupied Donbas.

Skripnik at the pre-trial investigation of the security Police of Latvia has pleaded guilty of criminal acts, including killing people, reports “Dialog. UA”.

Recording his testimony about his presence in the occupied Pro-Russian mercenaries in the East of Ukraine, the court reviewed yesterday, April 26.

Skripnik told me that he lived in Moscow and in 2008 participated in group activities, including the military. In the summer of 2014 he was offered together with this group to go into Eastern Ukraine.

Separatist admitted that just one day of participation in the war he was offered 20 thousand rubles, weapons and shape the firm’s conference issued in Russia, and in the fighting in Lugansk and Donetsk, he participated from July 2014.

Skrypnyk was a sniper, he admitted that he personally shot more than 100 people – soobshaet.Delfi

He was injured, was treated, after leaving the hospital he continued to fight on the side of the invaders until the end of April 2015 and in early 2016, the terrorist was detained in Latvia.

Earlier the mercenary “DNR” complained that “the leadership” of terrorists brazenly lying about wages, thereby luring people into their ranks, and then the many “throw” on the money.