In Lebanon arrested three deserters, the Russians: “valiant” soldiers of the army of Putin chose to flee from Syria

When breaking into the home of Hizbullah terrorists were captured by the Russians in the form of the Syrian army.

Today, 25
April while fleeing from Syria to Lebanon security forces have arrested three
citizens of Russia, dressed in Syrian military uniform. It is reported of the influential
the Lebanese newspaper “daily star”, citing its own sources in
the security forces of Lebanon, reports “Dialog UA”.

the army detained three Russian citizens on the Northern border of the city Abbadia in
Akkar after they crossed from Syria, said a security source, The
Daily Star”, — says the source.

Since the arrested men-the Russians were in the form of the Syrian army, this is expected with high probability can be the Russian military.

It is known that Putin’s army helped Assad to hold on to the presidency in Damascus. Thanks to the Russian mercenaries, the Syrian army expanded the territory.

Causes of the flight of Russian citizens in military uniform in Syria is still unknown.

In his
turn, the Lebanese Armed forces at the moment not yet released
the official statement and did not comment on the information to Lebanese news

As previously
it was reported, the military of the Syrian army expressed concern about
the fact that Israel
opens the southern front and helps Syrian rebels to fight the regime
dictator Assad.