North Korea shocked Australia open threats of a nuclear strike: the North Korean authorities issued an ultimatum

North Korea can attack Australia with nuclear weapons. This was stated by the representative of the foreign Ministry of the country stating that the DPRK can strike a preventive nuclear attack.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

North Korean official issued an ultimatum and stated that
the rocket shot will be done if Canberra is to continue “blindly
to follow U.S. policy” in the region.

While last Tuesday the Minister of foreign Affairs
Australia said that the nuclear program of North Korea really poses a threat
the country’s national security since the creation of Intercontinental ballistic
missiles with the ability to deliver a nuclear payload, would allow North Korea
to hit targets on the continent.

The representative of the government of the DPRK in a very
a rigid form said that Australia would commit “suicide act”,
if it is to continue its own policy in relation to their strny:

what the military leadership of the DPRK had previously prepared projectivity new ballistic missiles, however, due to engineering failures, the rocket exploded
even at the start. Earlier, the authorities did against Washington
statement to gotovnosti with them in the war.