In Odessa robbed and desecrated the temple of the UOC

Moscow. April 24. INTERFAX – Unknown robbed the Church of Demetrius of Thessalonica (in the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church) in Odessa.

Disabling the alarm and breaking the bars on the window, they broke in and stole donations collected by parishioners to assist victims of the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine, immigrants, veterans, sick children and orphans, the press service of Information Department of the UOC.

The attackers also damaged the Church utensils, and in the back room where they kept the food for the poor, slashed with knives, sacks of cereals and mixed them with dirt.

They broke in and robbed the icon of St. Demetrius, which was decorated with offerings from the inhabitants of Odessa in gratitude for the healing and successful resolution of difficult situations.