“We found painted gravel. Does this mean that the grass is also not green?”: social networks derided new football stadium in Saint Petersburg

Stadium “Central”, which spent 50 billion, was not ready to host football matches and even spectators. Long-suffering football arena was constructed in Saint-Petersburg and will have to accept on its field, the matches of the 2018 world Cup.

The journalists who were at the opening of the stadium, I noticed that the lawn is not just bad, but terrible quality. Near one of the corner flags was a patch of plastic grass. Also the stadium roof does not hold water and in the rain, it did not save the audience from the water, as leaked reports “Диалог.UA”.

As it turned out, problems with the lawn arose because of an incorrect design. The engineers provided a “cover” too little depth, and there just didn’t fit the whole “engineering” under the lawn.

All of these problems and ridiculed by the people of Russia on the pages of social networking.

Earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that US Senator made zayavleniem deprive Russia of the right to take the 2018 world Cup. And the main arena straniu Petersburg is not ready to host football matches.