In Albania are unable to elect the President from-for absence of candidates

MOSCOW, 20 APR — RIA Novosti. The Albanian Parliament failed to elect a President as the ruling party headed by Prime Minister EDI Rama has decided not to nominate candidates in the first round of voting, reports AFP.

“We would not allow candidates to demonstrate our desire to engage in dialogue with the opposition on the issue of election of a new President to reach consensus with all political forces in Albania”, — said the Chairman of the Parliament Ilir Meta.

According to the Agency, in the case of candidates for the presidency to win one of them requires the support of at least 84 deputies out of 140. If after five rounds, the President will be selected, the current Parliament will be dissolved.

Albania’s opposition is boycotting the Parliament since mid-February, demanding the convening of a transitional government to prepare for free and fair elections, the Agency reports.