St. Petersburg authorities did not allow the opposition to come out on may day on Nevsky prospect in defense of Isaac

Saint-Petersburg. April 20. INTERFAX – the Committee on law and order and the rule of law of Petersburg has not agreed to the passage of a single column of the opposition and the historic preservation activists on Nevsky Prospekt on may 1, said the Deputy of legislative Assembly Oksana Dmitriev, “Interfax” on Thursday.

“We refused and offered to March polyustrovskiy Park. Under completely false pretenses – supposedly on this day, planned another event. Although it has always been the General order of the column walked one behind the other, and never refused,” – said O. Dmitrieva.

According to her, the organizers did not agree to March in Polustrovski Park. The opposition still have time to submit a new application individually.

“In my opinion, we denied on the grounds that a United opposition. Go with the column all the action groups who were including to preserve the status of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. If everyone submitted different bids, I think they would have agreed”, – said O. Dmitrieva.

“If we will serve different applications, I think everything will be done to prevent the formation of a single column. We will split and we will put columns GCD (“National liberation movement” – “if”), the LGBT community, to discredit us and give the opposition to unite around a specific graduading slogans and graduading subjects”, – said O. Dmitrieva.

The organizing Committee of the March intend to gather on Thursday evening to discuss further plans.

As reported, the St. Petersburg supporters of the “party of growth”, just Russia, Yabloko, Parnas, and representatives of social movements has applied for participation in the may day March as part of a single column. The organizing Committee has submitted to Smolny the application form for participation in the procession along the Nevsky prospect with the subsequent rally.

Earlier, the authorities of Petersburg did not agree on a share of supporters of the movement “Open Russia”, scheduled for April 29. The organizers said that they would not change their plans.