A foreign company urgently pulling money out of Russia: the Russian stock market has fallen to eight-month low

More all APR 20, collapsed actions of the Russian “Gazprom” the prices reached a minimum of “black Tuesday” – Dec 2014.

The fifth day
in a row the Russian stock market remains at lowest levels in eight
months amid sales by foreign funds and fall in the price of
oil reports “Dialog UA”.

So, in
Thursday, April 20, the MICEX index, reflecting cost of 50 largest companies of Russia
sags at auction to mark 1900,72 item by issuing a new “bottom”
levels in July 2016. After that, is noted in the end of the session observed
a small bounce – bids closed higher by 0.82%.

Most of all
Thursday hit shares of “Gazprom” and the prices dropped to “black
Tuesday,” which occurred in December 2014. Then, we recall,
the stock market collapsed along with the Russian ruble.

Economists from
Goldman Sachs reported that the largest gas holding company in Russia in the next three
year will live in debt, since the influx of LNG will hit the price of gas in Europe, and
megastrike to bypass Ukraine and China will eat all export earnings. In the beginning of the current
weeks, Goldman Sachs analysts recommended to sell immediately valuable
papers “Gazprom”.

to note that foreign investors, who invested last year in Russian
the action is almost $ 1.5 billion, continue to withdraw their money. In the analytical
review of BKS noted that last week was for the Russian market the worst

“The market
falls on the background of falling oil prices, which traded around 53
dollar per barrel. City Bank forecasts the growth to $ 60 and above until the end
year are still only predictions, and to reach the magic mark of 55
dollars a barrel of oil can not. Any pullback from causing the sale
Russian securities” – says Oleg Yeltsov, head of Department of management
investment “RosEvroBank”.

As previously
reported, the Russian
The Federation no longer is among the largest partners of the European Union.