Rabinovich about the dirt on Putin: it was reported that Merkel could give security services UK

Sunday the authoritative German edition of Focus, citing confidential sources confirmed the transfer of German Chancellor Angela Merkel dossier on the President of Russia Putin at a meeting with security officials in the UK.

It became known that Merkel gave gained
intelligence services of the German data on Putin personally and about the situation in the Crimea after

This well-known Russian economist Slava
Rabinovich said that the documents may include information about the corruption of Putin, “Gazprom” and attempts to corrupt a well-known German politicians.

He noted that the dossier contains data on the last
the decade of Putin, during which the Kremlin regime are corrupt
famous German politicians, including former Chancellor Schroeder Gerhard.

According to Rabinovich, the publication of these data
will lead to the collapse of a number of existing political regimes of the European Union.

Recall reemerging secretly handed over to the British intelligence dossier on Putin-the German media learned the details.