In the Lviv region in a cesspool on-site landfill found the body of a female medic with knife wounds: military Prosecutor’s office has called an emergency briefing

The body was found the night of 19 April.

Press secretaryporn prosecutors of the Western region Yuliya galushchak said that the case is being investigated as “murder”, reports “Dialog. UA”.

“UNIAN” with reference to its sources reported that the incident occurred between the 26-year-old military from Kherson oblast and 31-the summer inhabitant of Kherson in the camp, located on the territory of military range.

The medic-a soldier and military quarreling, then the man took the knife and took a few blows to the chest and neck area woman.
Then it the victim’s body was thrown into the cesspool.

In fact, resonant murder, the military Prosecutor of the Western region today, 19 April, 14:00 to give extra briefing.

Recall that under the military Kiefaber found shot dead, allegedly committed suicide due to family and financial problems.

Near the dead body was found was a note.