Russia is not among the major partners of the EU: trade with the West ceased to be the Kremlin enormous income

At the end of last, 2016, years, Russia is no longer among the three largest trading partners of the European Union.

The export of Russian products to the European Union fell the catastrophic lows over the past 10 years. In comparison with the year 2015 the trading profits from Russian exports fell by nearly 13%, and the share of imports decreased by 7%. This is with reference to the rossm reports “Диалог.UA”.

Financial analysts say that the cause of the indicators lies in price, namely, falling energy costs. Note that Russia mainly exports to Europe of oil and gas.

The experts also noted that due to the lack of competitiveness of Russian products on 20% fall in exports of chemical products. The Europeans are unhappy with the quality of Russian high-tech goods.

Trade in agricultural products, Russia is also not so simple. Quite newnovelist Turkey decided not to buy in Russia the wheat of low quality grain.

We will remind, earlier experts polymolecule on lies about growth of export of Russian products abroad.