FSB works wonders: 26-year-old Abror Azimov day “persuaded” to confess that he is the main organizer of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg metro

Security forces say they found the “organizer” of the attack, when practiced phone contacts “contractor” – Jalilova. The latter died in metro allegedly manufactured the bombs and can’t say anything in my defense.

Asimov is detained by employees of FSB in Moscow, admitted his guilt. This was told
his lawyer Armen Zadoyan, reports “Dialog. UA”.

It is unknown
Zadoyan is the state (appointed by law enforcement officers) by the defender or
“main terrorist” Asimov got the money and hired a private lawyer.

admitted his guilt in full volume, so to speak,” – said the press Zadoyan.

That is, in
fact, the 26-year-old Abror Azimov admitted that he is the head of the “terrorist
underground”, staged a terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg on April 3

what Asimov figured out, practicing the telephone contacts of Akbarjon Jalilov, allegedly
manufactured explosives and commits a suicide bombing subway car.

In this case
very strange looks the fact that Asimov was the only one
the participants of the “terrorist underground” who Jalilov called
phone before “suicide bombing”. To confirm or to refute the charges
in his address, he naturally can not.

Jalilov told Asimov that is ready for action,” –
involve the police.

to note that the Russian security forces had at least twice made a mistake in suspecting the innocent
people in the organization and implementation of terrorist attack in the St. Petersburg subway.

Recall, 3
April in Saint-Petersburg on the stretch between the two stations of the metro was
explosion. The total number of deaths, according to the latest data, is 15.
Among them, a native of Kyrgyzstan Jalilov, born in 1995, which
according to investigators, was the executor of this attack.

Monday, April 17, the FSB was caught planting another Asian man and declared him guilty of
the organization of the terrorist attack.

As previously
it was reported that the Network has a good laugh over the “film company
FSB”, found
“attacker”, who allegedly staged the attack at the metro