Forced to lick urine and eat feces became aware of the terrible bullying of a boy with a disability in the Kiev region, the crime was trying to hide

Today’s emergency is not discussed except that lazy. In the town of Ivankiv in Kiev region a few hours 3 Teens abused 10-year-old boy with a disability. However, to the masses the news came only a few days later, as law enforcement authorities tried to silence the story.

Chairman of the Kyiv regional state administration Alexander Gorgan wrote in Facebook, despite the fact that the incident occurred on 9 April, he found out only on April 13, reports “Dialog. UA”.

It turned out that the child had to go through all the circles of hell: a handicapped boy was beaten for hours, tortured, thrown into cold water.The child was also forced eating feces and licking urine.

“Irrefutable evidence to say that teenagers raped the child with a stick”,
– assured the Governor.

According to him, local investigators deliberately tried to conceal the crime, qualifying it as “Hooliganism.”

The Governor is sure, the gravity of the offence intended to hide not only from the regional administration, but also from the public.

The case is reclassified, to suspects threatens till 15 years of imprisonment.

As previously reported, in Lugansk allestitori killed a newborn baby boy. First, the child was strangled, and then dismembered him and tried to burn.