Guardiola: Now Aguero has a better understanding of what is required of him

Josep Guardiola headed to man city before the start of the season. In the course of the campaign, the media repeatedly there were hearings about the conflict of the Spaniard with the main striker Sergio Aguero.

“I have said many times that Aguero’s important for our game. Before, as for me, he just wanted to score a goal, but now he helps a lot the team, not only defensively. Sergio does everything, creates chances,” said Guardiola.

Winter Aguero stopped to get a basis – its space was occupied by a newcomer Gabriel Jesusa. But the Brazilian brought down injury and now Sergio – once again, the main striker of the Townspeople.

“Can’t complain, as Aguero proved himself after injury Gabriel Jesus. His attitude has always been good from the beginning. Now Sergio has a better understanding of what is required of him what I want. When you don’t score, there is always somewhere to improve, but I’m not complaining,” said Josep.

Today (April 15) Manchester city will play against Southampton in the 33rd round of the Premier League. At the moment, the Townspeople go to the 4th place in the championship.