Trump begins to destroy ISIS: media reported sensational details about how the U.S. employed in Afghanistan, the biggest non-nuclear bomb

United States of America decided to throw a huge bomb in Afghanistan, the purpose of which were the positions of the ISIL terrorists. This bomb is the largest non-nuclear bombs which are in service of Washington.

Reports about it “European
truth” with reference to CNN.

BMassiveOrdnanceAirBlastBomb air bomb (MOAB),
which has already been called as the “mother of all bombs”, was dropped in
19:00 local time on Thursday, April 13.

Bomb has
a special system of satellite guidance, her weight is 9.5 kg.
Dropped it from the plane MC-130, which applies a Pentagon in the framework of its
special military operations.

Primary target
tunnels used by terrorists “Islamic state” in
Eastern Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan.

MOAB was first
used by Washington in real fighting. The bomb was developed
since the war in Iraq.

The consequences
the bombing is unknown.