The Pentagon sent to Europe a group of new fighters

Air force, the U.S. sent to Europe fighters of the 5th generation F-35A Lightning II, to participate in the exercises.

This was reported at the Pentagon.

Shipment will take place in the framework of the guarantees of the European

“The U.S. air force will send a small number of F-35A Lightning II
Europe on long-planned exercises. Over the next few decades
weeks the aircraft will take part in the exercise with other aircraft of the United States and NATO,”
– stated in the message.

Exercises should show the capabilities of fighter 5 th
generation. The F-35 is planned to place in Europe on a permanent basis in
early 2020-ies.

Recall, the head was Pentagonally that the United States will react to the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and no doubt the guilt of the Assad regime strikes on Idlib.