After the death of the hackneyed “tornadoes” the prisoner Lukyanovka jail, three more died prisoners

Death after beating in jail inmate Matveeva, who was severely beaten while walking ex-“tornadoes”, was not the only one in this prison institution for the last time.

The former head of the penitentiary service of Ukraine Sergey Starenky on the social network wrote that in addition Matveeva vsize last week has died 3 of the prisoner, reports “Dialog. UA”.

“This is a jail! The wine is not yet proven. And 20-25% out of it without judgment. And if you take into account these statistics, one of these four might be innocent. In addition, the reformers were interested in his wallet”
– Nepal Old in Facebook.

The veracity of this information was confirmed by the chief medical officer of the detention center Igor Written.He alleges that two prisoners died supposedly from tuberculosis.

“There was no fight. Death is not a criminal,” explained Writing.

Recall cessity “tornadoes”the prisoner received a severe injury of holovii died in rianimazione a few days after the beating.