To avoid competition? Putin makes the EEU to monitor the Ukrainian and other imported goods

“The most polite” wants to create a single electronic system to track the goods imported from Ukraine into the territory of the Russian Federation and other countries of the Economic Union.

The President Of Russia
Vladimir Putin suggested creating the Eurasian economic Union electronic
tracking of goods from Ukraine, reports “Dialog UA”.

one element of strengthening the EEU is a combination of information systems of our
government agencies, primarily customs services, with the aim of establishing a mechanism
monitoring the movement of goods throughout the territory of the Union. This would improve
the solution to such problematic issues for the transit of goods from third countries, including
Ukraine,” Mr Putin said.

In his
of the presidents of the EurAsEC countries has repeatedly “discussed”
and came to the conclusion that the introduction of electronic tracking of goods helped
“our partners who are outside the Union.”

note that a few years ago, when the EEU beginning to form
(2012-2013), citizens of Belarus and Kazakhstan began to complain that the new rules and
the rules of the Union has meant that almost all goods from “third countries”,
including China, have risen in price. Decreased the cost of the only Russian goods,
however, the shelf life and quality of most of them, according to the Belarusians and
the Kazakhs, left much to be desired.

most likely, Putin decided to track the goods from Ukraine and other “third
countries”, because it is afraid of competition – knows that the goods from Russia is not
can always match the quality.

Recall from
2016, Russia has banned the transit of goods from Ukraine and has imposed on our
the country’s food embargo. In reply official Kiev has imposed mirror
trade sanctions against Russia.

As previously
it was reported, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko gave
to understand Vladimir Putin that he was not satisfied with conditions in the EEU.