Dreadful murder in Lviv: a drunk father with an ax hacked to death his son for “humiliation and insults”

Sadistic his son was hacked to death when the young man slept. Drunk snuck in the room to the guy and literally shredded it.

As told in the press-sluzbenici, 51-year-old man in the fatal day came home
on pretty drunk, reports “Dialog. UA”.

From the barn he took an axe, went into the room where slept his
24-year-old son, and struck him four blows on the head with a sharp part of the axe.The young man died on the spot.

As later explained, the killer is your “thing”, he took revenge on the son for
the fact that he alleged he was beaten and humiliated.

Now the next 15 years, subman will spend in prison.

Earlier it was reported how in mother Russia brutally beat a small child and then cinichnogo the baby’s body in the ground.

Also, coalsales sadistic bitch-mother-from Kharkiv, which
cruelly treated minor son only because he forbade mom