Churkin is now “the man”: in response to the scandal Gerashchenko rigidly put in place the new representative of Russia in UN

Russia is notorious Vitaly Churkin has delegated to the UN “shithead”. About it on his own page in the social network wrote the people’s Deputy of the Ukrainian Rada Irina Gerashchenko, commenting on the scandal in new York during a meeting of the Security Council.

Gerashchenko watched the video and compared the deceased
the representative of Moscow, Churkin and
the behavior of the Deputy permanent representative to the UN Vladimir Safronkov, calling the latter “the man”.

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opinions about the episode.

New style of diplomacy of the Russian Federation. An excerpt from the speech of the Russian representative in the UN security Council Safrankova

— DW (Russian) (@dw_russian) 12 APR 2017

Recall that the scandal erupted yesterday during a debate
regarding the resolution on Syria, during which the representative of Russia and moved
on the yard the tone and rude manner lectured the representative of the United Kingdom.

Earlier in the Council
The UN security was sent
the draft resolution authorship
USA, UK and France