Canada hit hard with sanctions for the welfare of officials of Assad: sanctions list is expanded

The government of Canada expanded sanctions against Syria. The list of restrictions included the names of another 27 persons from the entourage of dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Canada imposed sanctions against 27 other Syrian officials with whom the country now will be allowed to operate. All persons on the sanctions list are surrounded by the current Dictator Bashar al-Assad, reports UNIAN.

As explained by the head of the canadian foreign Ministry Chrystia Freeland, the extension of sanctions caused by the use of chemical weapons against the civilian population in Idlib province in Northwest Syria.

“Today’s new sanctions against key officials is part of our ongoing effort to increase pressure on the Assad regime to stop the violence against innocent civilians children, women and men. Attack with chemical weapons last week in the southern part of Idlib province is a war crime, and they are unacceptable, ” said Freeland.

She added that Canada supports the Syrian people and continues to cooperate with the international community with a view to rapidly ending the war in Syria. The financial assets of persons included in the sanctions list are subject to freezing, and all the dealings with them stops.

Earlier, the government of Canada announced indirect Russian involvement in chemical attacks in Idlib and reported gotovnosti to impose additional sanctions against Putina his entourage.